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Penile Lengthening

Add Inches, Improve Confidence

End embarrassment in the locker room and bedroom. MAXIM will help you attain the long, proportional, attractive penis you've dreamed of. Take advantage of affordable, minimally-invasive outpatient procedures requiring just a few weeks of downtime and recovery. Confidence, stamina, and pride are a phone call away!

Size Matters

You don't need more platitudes if you've struggled to feel good about your penis length for decades. You need results! Our team can offer 5+ inches of additional flaccid length and 1+ inches in erect length.

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After procedure, your penis will become both cosmetically pleasing and sexually satisfying to most partners. We'll even help you ease severe retraction so you don't ever look significantly smaller than you are. Ready to look great when you get naked? 

We combine two powerful procedures to make it happen.

Suspensory Ligament Release

The suspensory ligament holds your penis close to the pubic bone. Give your penis extra room to stretch and display itself to advantage, allowing you to show off your full length. This procedure can be combined with a girth procedure for additional cosmetic gains.

The Process

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Find your nearest MAXIM location and schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns, health history, and goals. We'll answer your questions and help you determine whether a penile length procedure is right for you. 

Undergo a simple, minimally invasive, practically painless outpatient procedure. You should expect to be in the doctor's office for one to three hours. We recommend asking a friend or family member to drive you home.

Observe 30 to 40 days of recovery time, where you'll be taking it easy and taking some antibiotics to prevent infection. Expect to be off your feet for at least the first week of surgery and to avoid strenuous activity for at least the first month. After that, you'll be able to resume your normal activities.

Follow up with your physician to ensure everything looks good.

Enjoy lifelong satisfaction!


We are a leader in men's health services, and we can prove it! Here are 8 reasons to choose MAXIM.

We offer a wide array of men's health services under one roof, so you can continue working with the same trusted providers as your needs evolve. Plus, we consistently invest in the latest male enhancement and hair transplant technologies. Count on us to consistently give you the highest level of care available.

Many of our procedures are unique and customized and may not be available elsewhere. They were developed and honed by expert physicians over a decade or more. Furthermore, each procedure can be customized to your needs and condition.

Incredible results begin with extraordinary physicians. Work with proven leaders in the field of men's health. Our clinicians have decades of experience, extensive hospital experience, numerous research successes, and thousands of happy patients.

We specialize in men's health, male cosmetic surgery, men's sexual health, and hair transplants. That's all we do, and we do it well.

Our doctors and clinicians offer surgical and non-surgical procedures that are tailored to your needs, goals and health.

We do everything we can to keep your medical costs as low as possible. We also offer 0% financing to keep the costs accessible to you. You can apply for financing at your nearest MAXIM location. Plus, our prices are transparent.

MAXIM Men’s Health is growing and we have nearly 20 locations in the U.S. and abroad. We couldn't do that if our past clients hadn't been happy with our services.

Your initial, discrete consultation is complimentary. It's a great opportunity to discuss your situation, needs, concerns, and goals! 

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Pros of Penile Length Enhancement

Enjoy increased confidence and give your partners unparalleled sexual satisfaction. Look and feel your best. MAXIM doctors and clinicians give you lifelong results. Never utter the words: "It's how you use it" ever again.


The suspensory ligament release leaves only a tiny scar typically covered by pubic hair. 

This is a simple outpatient procedure that can take between one to four hours. The length of time depends on the needs of your body and whether you're combining length enhancement procedures with other services.

You'll be able to return to your normal activities quickly, because it takes just one month to recover.

We take steps to keep the procedure as affordable as possible and offer 0% financing. Speak to your nearest MAXIM office to discuss costs. Don't let money be the reason why you remain dissatisfied with your body. We'll work with you.


Your MAXIM location will call you to schedule an appointment within 24 business hours of receiving this message.

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