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Adult Circumcision Services

Gentle Circumcision to Support Men's Health

Circumcision helps to improve the outcome of many male enhancement surgery procedures. The procedure can help improve your health in several other ways as well. While the procedure isn't completely painless, it involves minimal discomfort. We use a simple numbing cream rather than a general anesthetic to manage the pain. This outpatient procedure may be performed in concert with other male enhancement services.

Circumcision and Male Enhancement

We recommend circumcision or circumcision revision before any male girth enhancement procedure to prevent collagen layering activation filler from migrating into the foreskin. Migrating filler can thicken the foreskin and cause both cosmetic and medical issues. 

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If you're getting penile length enhancement, circumcision helps to hide the scar because we insert the sleeve along the circumcision line. Some patients will require post-penile girth circumcision to preserve sexual function. 

If you have concerns about circumcision you can discuss your options with your physician, who will answer your questions, discuss your options, and make recommendations about your unique case.

Circumcision and Penile Lengthening

Many men choose to have their circumcision and penile lengthening procedures performed at the same time. The surgical line appears in precisely the same location, and the recovery takes roughly the same amount of time. If you'd like to perform penile girth enhancements at the same time we can inject 80% of the filler, then add the rest after your follow-up visit.

Circumcision Revisions

Some circumcisions leave remnant foreskin behind. While this remnant foreskin isn't a problem for most men, it can become an issue for men who seek male enhancement services. The remnant foreskin can swell after penile girth enhancement services, so we recommend removing it prior to the procedure. The result will be both healthier and more aesthetically pleasing.

The Process

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Visit one of our clinics to discuss your goals for male enhancement. We usually perform circumcision in concert with our male enhancement procedures rather than performing the procedure independently. Discuss your goals, concerns, and health history with your provider so your surgeon can devise an appropriate procedure plan.

Visit our office to complete your procedure. At our male enhancement clinics, we provide outpatient procedures involving minimal pain, including circumcision. You can expect to spend one to three hours receiving services.

Follow your aftercare and recovery instructions. Your specific instructions will depend on whether you combined circumcision with penile length enhancement or whether you pursued a circumcision revision before receiving penile girth enhancements.

Return for your follow up appointment. We'll check on your procedure to ensure everything looks good. If you sought penile girth enhancements, we'll finish providing you with your fillers.

Enjoy the results! You'll have an aesthetically pleasing penis which brings you increased confidence.


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Pros of Circumcision

Making penile enhancement services more successful isn't the only benefit of a successful circumcision. Circumcision makes hygiene easier, decreases your risk of urinary tract infections, decreases your risk of contracting STDs, and decreases your risk of penile cancers.


Circumcision offers many health benefits. It simplifies male hygiene. It also decreases your risk of infection and cancer. For the purposes of pursuing male enhancement, it can prevent complications with penile girth procedures and offer more aesthetic results for any male enhancement service.

MAXIM provides men's health services, and we're happy to support men's spiritual health and needs. Nevertheless, for insurance purposes, a urologist is usually the superior choice for religious conversion circumcisions.

You may lose in the glans area, but not in a way that impacts your sexual pleasure. Some men don't notice any loss of sensitivity at all. Some even enjoy sex more after circumcision, as it can simplify both safe sex and oral sex.

Adult circumcision is far less painful than many men imagine. Most men tolerate the procedure with ease after our surgeons apply a topical anesthetic.


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