Josh Simpson, MS-PAC

Josh Simpson, MS-PAC

Work with a Johns Hopkins-trained clinician with years of experience in orthopedics, plastic surgery, aesthetic surgery, and hair transplant surgery. Clinician Simpson is especially skilled at spinal surgery, pediatric, adult trauma surgery, upper extremities plastic surgery, and burn recovery surgery. He's one of the few people in the world capable of performing a hybrid traditional donor (head) and body/beard donor transplant, allowing him to serve hair transplant clients who aren't traditional candidates for FUE. He is a leading physician for eyebrow and beard transplantation.




YEARs of experience

Why Trust Clinician Simpson?

Clinician Simpson performs thousands of surgical procedures every year. He's also been heavily involved in contributing to the industry, developing medical devices and instrumentation that helps improve the field of plastic surgery. If you're looking for a true expert, you can't go wrong with Josh Simpson.

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Josh Simpson earned a BA and a Master's degree as a Physician Assistant in 2010. His Master's thesis focused on infection mitigation by evaluating preparation protocols and antibiotic usage. He then went on to obtain a medical degree at Johns Hopkins University.



Clinician Simpson has completed thousands of procedures. Trained for special surgery, he is well-equipped to continue handling every service MAXIM offers.



A medical device that Clinician Simpson designed is currently awaiting FDA approval. He has continued to contribute to the field of plastic surgery whenever he gets the chance.

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Josh Simpson continued to work at the Johns Hopkins Hospital for Special Surgery and Private Practice in both Virginia and Texas. He also completed the prestigious SAM LAM's 360 Hair Transplant Workshop and MAXIM's own Hair Restoration Training Workshop.

Locations Served by Josh Simpson

location photo of Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia

Serving Alexandria, Arlington, Fredericksburg, Leesburg, Manassas, and Washington, DC

Address: 5020 Cherokee Ave, Suite 301, Alexandria, VA 22312

Operating Hours: Monday - Saturday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Past clients will tell you Clinician Simpson is patient, knowledgeable, helpful, and empathetic. They'll also tell you that he takes his time and cares deeply about obtaining incredible results for each man who walks through our doors.

Clinician Simpson does everything in his power to ensure that clients are as comfortable as possible while receiving services. Don't hesitate to let him know if you're starting to get uncomfortable during your procedure. He'll make the necessary adjustments.

MS stands for Master of Science. PAC stands for Physician Assistant, Certified. A PA can do almost everything that a MD can do, but must do it under the supervision of a physician. Josh works closely with MAXIM doctors to ensure you enjoy a high standard of care.

Absolutely! You'd be hard pressed to find a caregiver with better training, more experience, or more passion for the work that he does. He is skilled with harvesting, site making, local anesthesia, and scar mitigation. In the past, he has even performed spinal surgery, trauma surgery, and upper extremity surgeries. You'll be in great hands with Clinician Simpson no matter which MAXIM procedure you choose.


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