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Procedures for Peyronie's Disease

End Pain and Dysfunction

We employ a customized mix of procedure methods and options to reduce or eliminate pain, restore function, and correct the deformities caused by penile scarring. Many of our patients have been able to return to their normal sexual activities after meeting with our doctors/clinicians and completing one of our procedure plans.

A Typical Process

A typical procedure process would combine shockwave therapy with penile lengthening and girth improvement procedures.

Shockwave therapy uses high-energy acoustic waves, which produce a projectile of compressed air. The projectile breaks up scar tissue while increasing blood flow. The scar tissue beneath your skin is the cause of the painful bending and curving you're experiencing.

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Once scar tissue is broken up, we can begin addressing the damage. We'll insert a soft silicone sleeve beneath the penile skin to reverse length losses. We'll use collagen layering activation filler to repair girth losses. 

Most men report significant improvements in confidence and sexual function, as well as pain reduction or elimination. These repairs are permanent, and in many cases, prevent the condition from progressing further. 

Some men will require more aggressive surgical solutions, which is why we customize procedure plans for each man who visits our offices.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy offers proven benefits for Peyronnie's sufferers. Despite the name, it's both non-invasive and painless, using high-energy acoustic waves to break up scar tissue and promote the healing process.

Length and Girth Restoration

Peyronie's disease often shortens and shrinks the penis, leaving it malformed and unattractive. Our proven penile length and girth procedures will restore your penis to a healthy appearance and will reverse these losses. These procedures are minimally invasive and provide permanent results. 

The Process

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Schedule an appointment with your nearest Maxim office and consult with an expert Peyronie's disease specialist. We'll review the disease progression and symptoms, as well as your other health history. You can ask questions and raise concerns before we provide you with a customized procedure plan. 

Attend your procedure appointment. Most men will need a simple outpatient procedure using only localized anesthesia. Nevertheless, we recommend having someone available to drive you home afterward.

Observe your recovery period. Most men will require roughly thirty days before they'll be able to engage in rigorous activities. Most will also need a week of initial recovery time where they stay off their feet. Usually, we'll prescribe antibiotics to help you avoid infection. Follow all of your doctor's instructions.

Attend a follow-up appointment. We'll make sure everything looks good and address any issues that may have arisen. If we've performed a penile girth procedure, we may offer symmetry touch-ups on this visit.

Enjoy your life again! By now, most men will be able to enjoy their regular sexual functions again. If your procedure plan included penile girth enhancements, you may also wish to take advantage of touch-up procedures every few years or so.


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Pros of Peyronie's Disease Procedures

Halt or significantly slow the progression of Peyronie's disease. Reduce or eliminate pain symptoms. Restore your ability to engage in regular sexual activities by correcting erectile dysfunction.


No. While Peyronie's disease can stop progressing on its own, the damage that it does won't correct itself. Fortunately, it's possible to correct the damage.

The first symptom is usually pain. In addition, you'll generally see a significant bend to the penis that deviates from your normal curvature. You will often be able to feel scar tissue or plaque beneath the skin of the penis. You may also experience erection problems and significant shortening of the penis. Finally, some men experience significant deformities. You may see a significant narrowing, or thinning, in segments of the penis, or visible indentations.

There are two forms of the disease: an acute form and a chronic form. During the acute phase of the disease, you will typically experience pain and significant changes in the curvature, length, or girth of your penis. During the chronic phase, symptoms stabilize, but the damage remains. 

Penile fractures require emergency room procedure. You may need to undergo penile traction or use ice, anti-inflammatories, and painkillers to manage the condition until it heals on its own. Peyronie's disease can arise as a secondary side-effect of a fracture. If you're experiencing scarring and curvature after the fact, we can help you correct the problem.


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